Kurnia Ramadhan was born in 1987 at Jakarta. He obtained his Bachelor degree (Food Technology) in 2009 from Bogor Agricultural University. He continued to pursue Master degree (Food Technology) in Universiti Sains Malaysia and was granted as Master of Science in 2012.


During his postgraduate study, he was assigned as Research Assistant. He has achieved several publications and presentations in international journal and conferences. His research field was poultry meat and surimi-like material processing. He began his career as lecturer in Universitas Bakrie in the end of 2012. He started to join some professional associations such as Indonesian Association of Food Technologists and Sustainable Agriculture, Food & Energy (SAFE) Network in 2013.

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Research Interests

Food Processing and Sensory Analysis



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Email: kurnia.ramadhan[at]bakrie.ac.id

 Phone: +62-21-526-1448 (ext. 375)

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