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Ardiansyah was born in 1975 at Sambas, West Kalimantan (Borneo). He obtained his Diploma (Supervisor of Food Quality Assurance) in 1995, Bachelor degree (Agricultural Technology) in 1998, and Master degree in 2001 (Food Science). He pursued his doctoral study in Tohoku University and was granted for Ph.D in 2007. He continued to stay in Japan as Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Laboratory of Nutrition, Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku University.


Ardiansyah has began his career as a lecturer in Food Science and Technology Department, Unievrsitas Bakrie since August 2012. He has published several scientific papers in international conferences and journals (ISI and Scopus indexed).    

He has been involved as an editor in Jurnal Teknologi dan Industri Pangan (Journal of Food Technology and Industry), and Jurnal Gizi Pangan (Journal of Food Nutrition), as a reviewer of national and international journals. His membership in professional associations are as follows: Indonesian Association of Food TechnologistsSustainable Agriculture, Food & Energy (SAFE) Network, American Society for Nutrition, and Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Science.



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Research Interests

Functional food, food nutrition, food safety, and halal food.



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Email: ardiansyah[at]bakrie.ac.id

 Phone: +62-21-526-1448 (ext. 208)