So, I graduated on January 2014 from Bakrie University with very satisfying result, with my full scholarship program granted by Bakrie Enterprises.

On March i got a call from my mentor telling me that there is full scholarship program offered by a University in Denmark. And i said, sure! i'll try it. So i asked my best friend Amandari, who's also from Bakrie University, to try it. Right away, we collected every document we need for the application, big credit goes to Pak Tony (our Dean and my thesis supervisor in Bakrie Univ.) and Pak Deddy (our head of program at a time) for helping us. We made an account and submit our applications together, while at the same time we were also applying for universities in UK with LPDP scholarship program. Then two months later, on May, we got acceptance letter from Aarhus University plus the scholarship offer from the university. Also Kak Alfan, who i knew very well from Debate club in Bakrie University, also got in! Wow! We were so happy and confuse at the same time. We were thinking, "What? Denmark? Are we going to Denmark?". At same time, we also got acceptance letter from Birmingham University in UK. We didn't know what to do. It was like a dream for us. Universitas Bakrie has open opportunities for their students.