Strategic Contributions to Indonesia (SCI) is the annual program of the Indonesian Student Association in Greater Leeds (PPI Greater Leeds), where in 2021, the event collaborated with the Indonesian Scholars International Convention (ISIC) held by PPI UK. SCI is an academic essay competition that also presents panellists and speakers from the government, academicians, and practitioners to talk about the theme of the event. This program aims to provide a forum for Indonesian students everywhere to channel their ideas and interests through an essay. This activity can be an opportunity for Indonesian students to expand their network and gain new knowledge related to the theme.

The ISIC x SCI 2021 Essay Competition theme is “Indonesia Levelling Up! Breaking Through Covid-19 Multi-Dimensional Crisis”. This competition requires participants to explore the solutions of many crises caused by Covid-19 pandemic and/or to take advantage of opportunities that arise because of the crisis. 


1. Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM)
This topic is including but not limited to engineering design, biotechnology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data analytic, manufacturing system, mathematical modelling, and electric vehicles.

2. Built Environment & Infrastructure
This topic is including but not limited to smart-cities, urban economics, urban design, urban spaces/land-use, green mobility, residential choices, tourism, regional food-supply chain, environmental quality, teleworking & online public services.

3. Business and Economics
This topic is including but not limited to manufacturing industries, small-medium enterprises, economic policies, business innovation, finance, regional disparities, the future of jobs, Innovation and industrial policy, SME and entrepreneurship, digital economy, and green and circular economy.

4. Health
This topic is including but not limited to vaccines, health policy, medical infrastructure, medical services, medical innovation, and medical equipment.

5. Education
This topic is including but not limited to education disparity, online learning, education policy, and education system improvement.

6. Political Science and Law
This topic is including but not limited to public policy, health policy, enhancement of public trust to government, policymaking transparency, the controversy of the emergency legal basis for economic stimulus, effective policy communication, fiscal policy, science diplomacy, advocacy, and public policy prioritisation.

7. Energy
This topic is including but not limited to energy diversification, renewable energy, fossil fuel dependency, and enhancement of electrification ratio.

8. Social Development, Arts and Humanities
This topic is including but not limited to enhancement of integrity culture in public service institutions, poverty and income inequality, development intensification for underdeveloped regions, non-government organisation roles, impartial public policy, and equal access to public facilities for minority communities.


  1. Call for abstract : 7 March – 30 March 2021
  2. Decision for abstracts : 20 April 2021
  3. Full essay deadline : 20 May 2021
  4. Finalist Announcement : 19 Juni 2021
  5. ISIC x SCI/Best Essay Presentation : 26 June 2021
  6. Winner Announcement : 26 June 2021
  7. The 20th ISIC : 8 – 9 July 2021

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