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  • An Insight to What is Dual Citizenship

  • Andrew, Political Science Students Who Get Covered by Forbes

    Andrew Citra Prasatya lulus dari Program Studi Ilmu Politik Universitas Bakrie pada tahun 2015 dengan IPK 3,79. Saat ini Andrew menjabat sebagai Senior Content Marketer di perusahaan start up asal Malaysia, iPrice Group yang merupakan online shopping yang baru saja mendapatkan kucuran dana senilai 550 ribu dolar Amerika dari Asia Venture Group (AVG) untuk menjadi destinasi belanja online terbesar di Asia Tenggara.

  • Bakrie Model United Nations Club Membawa Pulang Banyak Penghargaan di Ajang Jakarta Model United Nations 2016

    Belum lama mengukir prestasi di ajang Java Model United Nations 2016, Bakrie Model United Nations Club yang berada di bawah nauangan English Community Universitas Bakrie, kembali menorehkan prestasi yang sangat membanggakan lewat ajang Jakarta Model United Nations 2016.

  • Belajar Kebudayaan Dan Bahasa Spanyol Bersama Instituto Nebrija Jakarta

    Selasa, 6 November 2018. Prodi Hubungan International mengadakan kegiatan Guest Lecture yang mendatangkan Pembicara dari Instituto Nebrija Jakarta yang membawakan materi mengenai “El Español En El Mundo: Introducción A La Lengua Y A La Cultura Españolas”,

  • Bupati Bojonegoro, Kang Yoto Berbagi Rahasia Sukses Transformasi Bojonegoro Menuju Good and Clean Governance dengan Mahasiswa UB

    Jakarta (2/6)-Mahasiswa Universitas Bakrie mendapatkan kesempatan berharga untuk dapat berbagi ilmu dari Drs. Suyoto M.Si. atau yang akrab disapa Kang Yoto, Bupati Bojonegoro yang berhasil merubah wajah pemerintahan atau transformasi Bojonegoro menuju Good and Clean Governance. Bertempat di ruang 1 dan 2 Universitas Bakrie, Studium Generale dihadiri oleh civitas akademika FEIS UB.

  • Congrats Arman Aziz Himawan HI’15 for The Best Position Paper Award at Java Mun 2016

    Jakarta (20/5)-Mahasiswa Hubungan Internasional Arman Aziz Himawan angkatan 2015 berhasil membawa pulang penghargaan The Best Position paper di OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation), Java MUN 2016, 16-19 Mei 2016 di Jakarta. Universitas Bakrie (MUN Club) juga mengirim Dimas Andra Saputra, mahasiswa Teknik Industri, 2013 sebagai Board of Director in OIC untuk Java Mun 2016.


    Pada hari Jum’at tanggal 13 Desember 2019 Program Studi Ilmu Politik Universitas Bakrie mengadakan seminar di ruang 1 - 2. Seminar tersebut bertema Diskusi Publik RUU Minerba dan Masa Depan Tata Kelola Sektor Pertambangan di Indonesia. Prodi Ilmu Politik Universitas Bakrie turut mengundang Asmiati Abdul Malik, S.i.P., S.Kom., M.A., Ph.D dari Dosen Ilmu Politik Universitas Bakrie, Aryanto Nugroho dari Advocacy and Program Development Manager PWYP Indonesia, dan Muhammad Ichsan dari Peneliti Indonesian Parliamentary Center sebagai narasumber.

  • Delegasi Ritsumeikan University Sharing Session Bersama Mahasiswa Universitas Bakrie

    Ritsumeikan University adalah universitas swasta yang reputable di Jepang, universitas ini terkenal murah hati dalam memberikan beasiswa, terutama bagi pelajar dari Indonesia yang hendak lanjut studi di Jepang. Dalam tiga tahun terakhir ini, mahasiswa beserta satu dosen pembimbing dari Ritsumeikan University rutin mengunjungi Universitas Bakrie sebagai salah satu lokasi tempat mereka melakukan studi banding.

  • Democracy in Brazil

  • Dr. Rizali W. Indrakesuma: Etika dan Diplomasi

    Departemen Ilmu Politik Universitas Bakrie kembali mengadakan Diplomatic Stage bagi mahasiswa-mahasiswi program studi Hubungan Internasional Universitas Bakrie pada Selasa (17/10/2017). Diplomatic Stage kali ini menghadirkan Dr. Rizali W. Indrakesuma, Duta Besar Indonesia untuk India, yang membahas topik mengenai Etika dan Diplomasi.


    Tiga mahasiswi  Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) yang merupakan peserta Pertukaran Pelajar di Universitas Bakrie bertutur mengenai pengalamannya selama berkuliah di Universitas Bakrie.

    Nur Afifah Syakirah

    I want to share my experience during my study at Universitas Bakrie, me and two of my friends choose to join student exchange's program to Universitas Bakrie (UB) as it was recommended by our Dean. Our arrival at Soekarno Hatta International Airport was welcomed by Devi, Soraya, and Thesa.

    Above is our picture in front of UB. Thesa and Soraya brought us to tour the university. That time we meet a lot of new friends, they are so nice and welcoming us very well.

    This picture is when I am joining a program by the political science department at Bogor for 2 days and 2 nights. It such a great experience and I will cherish every moment.

    Meanwhile, here are our friends from Communication courses. Firly and Wulan are so helpful, they always help us regarding our political communication class. Thank you, guys.

    Finally, this is our last trip before going back to Malaysia. Thank you UB for bringing us to Bandung. It such a great journey and everything was beautiful, we got our delicious brownies from Kartika Sari. Thank you again.

    Overall, joining a student exchange program to Universitas Bakrie was a good idea. I gained new experience and meet a lot of new friends. Everything was good, perhaps it was much more better than what I am expecting it should be. The college is so nice with the conducive environment, it looks like a college in High School Musical's movie. Of course, I liked it. All the people treated me and my friends nicely, either the lecturers, staffs, and friends, everyone is so nice and very helpful. I would like to thank you to everyone that help me throughout this semester. I will highly recommend this university to my friends and junior in UUM. Thank you, till we meet again.

    Nor Zaiwafaa

    It almost feels like it simply was yesterday when I was in a plane and did not really know what to expect, however, excited for what the future had on behalf of me. Currently, I am back home with a lot of memories, and plenty of stories to share. I do not even know where to start now that I am writing regarding on my experience as an exchange student for a whole semester at Universitas Bakrie.

    Oma owner of the Kosan we lived
    Oma owner of the Kosan we lived
    Universitas Bakrie
    Universitas Bakrie

    Following the MoU between Universitas Bakrie and Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), the students from UUM are ready to exchange students to Universitas Bakrie located at Rasuna Epicentrum Area Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav C – 22, Kuningan, South Jakarta. We are the first batch here to exchange students and thank God they were very welcoming and all of the staff, dosen, and students were very nice. The student exchange here is me, Nor Zaiwafaa and my two other friends Nur Afifah and Amirah Diyana. Here, we were given the opportunity to stay in a Kosan where each of us was provided with our own rooms.

    One of our Dosen
    One of our Dosen
    Mba Devi
    Mba Devi

    The Bakrie University environment is very different that makes the experience of undergoing this exchange program more interesting. Where how the learning process, culture, and the surrounding environment here are also very different from UUM. Where it is located in the city areas and there are many malls and traffic here, which were very differ from the greenery surrounding in UUM. Also, I did make a lot of friends and met so many people here during the exchange programs. We get a lot of help in learning from lectures and friends, and when there are things we do not know and needed help, Mba Devi will always manage us reliably.

    Komunikasi Politik students visiting Embassy Malaysia
    Komunikasi Politik students visiting Embassy Malaysia
    Komunikasi Politik students visiting Embassy Malaysia

    Komunikasi Politik students visiting Embassy Malaysia

    Run For Zoo program organized by Universitas Bakrie Komunikasi Politik class        

    Kepulauan Seribu with Embassy Malaysia Jakarta

    In addition, we have gained many new experiences in Indonesia, especially when we were asked to do a project to bring all political communications classmates to the Embassy of Malaysia, which brought us closer to the Embassy of Malaysia in Jakarta, and they also invited us to participate in many embassy programs, watch the football match together and also visit the Thousand Islands of Indonesia. We also did join programs made by Universitas Bakrie students such as Run For Zoo in Zoo Ragunan, Jakarta.

    Wisuda Universitas Bakrie
    Wisuda Universitas Bakrie
    Kota Tua Jakarta
    Kota Tua Jakarta

    Apart from that, Bakrie University's treat us exceptionally pleasant they get us to see how graduation (wisuda) in Universitas Bakrie are and furthermore bring us to visit Indonesia. Where, we have been taken to the Kota Tua Jakarta, Bogor and also to Bandung just before we go home. Through this, we can learn many cultures in Indonesia. Besides the lovely and beautiful atmosphere of Indonesia.

    Being in the exchange program has taught me a lot of things. I have grown and my perspective has changed in ways I never would have imagined. I can now say that I am more independent, appreciate my family and friends more, open to new ideas, more adventurous and higher self-confident. It was the best time in my life to participate in this exchange program at Universitas Bakrie Indonesia and I will always remember all the experience and it will always be something I always cherish.

    Diyana Ahmad

    My 5th semester in Indonesia was amazing in every way. I made new friends, I became more fluent in Indonesian, I gained a stronger sense of independence and I got to eat all the food. The best thing about Indonesia is its diversity and its friendly people. Each city is so remarkably different, with different local foods and languages. I have visited some cities throughout my existence in Indonesia and hoping to get a chance to visit the rest later on. I believe that all the experiences I encountered as an exchange student in the UB helped me shape and develop a sense of maturity, responsibility and independence. In fact, UB has its own positive values. As I can say, regardless of status or rank, they all respect each other. I love to see what they have practiced as well as expect this kind of culture to be applied in Malaysia.  Furthermore, people of UB are so helpful and friendly. I am grateful for being a part of them even only for one semester.

  • Guest Lecture Bersama Dino Patti Jalal: “The Challenge of Independent and Active Diplomacy in Changing World”

    Program Hubungan Internasional Universitas Bakrie menggelar acara seremoni penandatangan MoU antara Universitas Bakrie dengan FPCI (Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia) dengan mengadakan guest lecture yang mengusung tema “The Challenge of Indepedent and Active Diplomacy in Changing World” yang menghadirkan mantan Duta Besar (Dubes) Indonesia untuk Amerika Serikat (AS), Dr Dino Patti Jalal.

  • Guest Lecture bersama H.E Dr. Mehmet Kadri Sander Gurbuz, Kedutaan Besar Turkey di Indonesia

    Jakarta-(08/05) Guest Lecture program studi Hubungan Internasional Universitas Bakrie, kali ini menghadirkan H.E Dr. Mehmet Kadri Sander Gurbuz dari Kedutan Besar Turkey di Indonesia. Kehadirannya membawakan materi mengenai “The Rise of Economic and Political Development”.

  • Guest Lecture Prodi Ilmu Politik: ‘Diplomasi Multilateral Indonesia dan Upaya Perdamaian di Timur Tengah’

    Gejolak di Timur Tengah yang berpotensi laten menjadi sebuah konflik yang ditenggarai oleh pendudukan Israel atas Palestina sebagai mother of all issue selalu menarik untuk dibicarakan. Program Studi Ilmu Politik Universitas Bakrie mengundang Direktur Jenderal Kerja Sama Multilateral, Febrian Ruddyard untuk menjadi pembicara dalam guest lecture yang mengusung tema PBB, OKI & Perdamaian Dunia, khususnya Timur Tengah di Ruang 1 & 2 Universitas Bakrie (27/3).

  • HIPPOCAMPUS: Perkenalan Ilmu Politik Kepada Siswa-Siswi SMA dengan Cara yang Menyenangkan

    Kumpulan mahasiswa Ilmu Politik Universitas Bakrie yang tergabung dalam Foreign Policy Community Local Chapter Universitas Bakrie bekerja sama dengan Generasi Melek Politik mengadakan acara open house program studi Ilmu Politik Universitas Bakrie yang bertajuk “HIPPOCAMPUS: Hubungan Internasional – Public Policy Open Campus.” Acara ini digelar di Universitas Bakrie pada Sabtu (12/8/2017) dan diikuti oleh siswa-siswi Sekolah Mengengah Atas (SMA).

  • Hubungan Internasional dan Public Policy Universitas Bakrie, perkuat Kerjasama dengan Kedutaan Besar Turkey

    Bertempat di Bakrie Tower, Ketua Program HI dan Public Policy Universitas Bakrie, Muhammad Tri Andika, bersama Komisaris Utama Bakrie and Brothers, Ir.Irwan Syarkawi, menerima Duta Besar Turkey untuk Indonesia, Dr.Sander Gurbuz.

  • Hukum dan Pembangunan Demokrasi di Indonesia oleh Ketua Komisi III DPR RI

    Departemen Ilmu Politik Universitas Bakrie kembali mengadakan Diplomatic Stage yang mengundang M. Aziz Syamsuddin, S.E.,S.H.,MAF.,M.H, Ketua Komisi III DPR RI yang membahas mengenai Hukum dan Pembangunan Demokrasi di Indonesia pada Rabu (15/11/2017). Kegiatan ini diikuti oleh mahasiswa Ilmu Politik Universitas Bakrie dengan konsentrasi jurusan Hubungan Internasional dan Public Policy.

  • Immigration Goes To Campus

  • Indonesian Delegate from Universitas Bakrie on ASEAN Youth Engagement Summit 2019 at University of The Philippines, Diliman

    On 20-23 February 2019, The South East Asian Leaders Organization (SEALO) organized and held the ASEAN Youth Engagement Summit (AYES), a high-level platform for the student leaders, young professionals and world changers from ASEAN Region. The summit provides an opportunity for its participants to be involved on key issues/topics in ASEAN and understand the youth role towards developing the region.

    Through the ASEAN Youth Engagement Summit 2019, South East Asian Leaders’ Organization (SEALO) aims to:

    1. Understand the role of the ASEAN Youth in different fields while giving value to the Southeast Asian integration;
    2. Realize the importance of the youth towards attaining the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the ASEAN region;
    3. Widen the network to ensure long-term collaboration with fellow delegates, organizers, partner organizations, and other participants even after the summit;
    4. Equip young people with competencies to become skillful leaders;

    AYES visions to hold a bigger, bolder, and better event this 2019 by catering 400+ student leaders, young professionals and world changers from the ASEAN region. The delegates can choose one of the six panels: Culture and Arts, Science and Technology, Environment and Energy, Health and Social Policy, Business and Economics, and Governance and Policy.

    At the University of The Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, the event was opened by a welcoming message from Josuard  I. Gonzales, The Chairperson of ASEAN Youth Engagement Summit. It was warmly welcomed as well by Amb. Ong Keng Yong, the Former Secretary-General ASEAN, and Ms. Elaine Tan, the Executive Director of the ASEAN Foundation. Some of the keynotes from the welcoming message were the importance and the role of the ASEAN youth in developing the region and attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the importance of the event, and the significant contribution that can be made when the output of the summit could be published. The event’s activities consist of Plenary Sessions, Action Plan Competition, AYES Youth Chat, Expert Panel Sessions, Booth Exhibitions and Cultural Presentations from The Delegates Country from different ASEAN member.

    On the 3rd Day of the summit, The Action Plan Competition was held. All of the delegates were divided into groups, to be given the chance to provide solutions and action plans to a partner organization. Previously on the 1st Day of the summit, the partner organization presented a main problem on which the delegates needed to deliberate. The delegates sought solutions with the assistance of the partner organization or through relevant research. The groups then presented their solutions and ideas to the assigned evaluators and judges. The inputs gathered during the competition can be considered and used by the partner organization in solving the ongoing problems of their community. Furthermore, this can also be an opportunity for potential collaboration between the partner organization and the delegate groups.

    Anissa Indrastuti is one of the Indonesian Delegates from Bakrie University who won The Best Action Plan Competition for Governance and Policy. She won it with her group members, Khanh from Vietnam, Myn from Philippines, Cedrick from Philippines, and Dandi from The University of Airlangga Indonesia. They designed The Balanced Scorecard for Sangguniang Kabataan (Youth Council).

    “First we designed the strategy map and KPI for the organization. We designed them based on 4 perspectives, there are Financial perspective, Learning and Growth perspective, Youth’s Satisfaction perspective as Customer Satisfaction perspective and Legislation perspective as Internal Business Process perspective. Yes, exactly we replaced the customer satisfaction and internal business process perspectives, adjusted to the organization needs”. Anissa (13 March, 2019).

    On the final and 4th Day of the summit, the delegates from different ASEAN member states were given an opportunity to showcase their respective country’s heritage and culture. The presentations also featured the Awarding and Closing Ceremonies. Indonesia presented Ge mu Fa Mi Re dance from East Nusa Tenggara, southernmost region of Indonesia.

    “The experience of meeting other delegates from other countries were so much fun, I have learned a lot about ASEAN, and is important for my studies, and I hope I could inspire any other students in Indonesia to challenge themselves on joining this type of event” Anissa (13 March, 2019)


  • Kehadiran Wakil Ketua DPR RI Fadli Zon Sebagai Pemateri Guest Lecture di Universitas Bakrie

    Jakarta-(21/12) Kehadiran Fadli Zon di Universitas Bakrie dalam mengisi kegiatan guest lecture sangat disambut baik oleh mahasiswa International Relations. Dengan seksama, mahasiswa mendengarkan Wakil Ketua DPR RI dalam menyampaikan materi parlemen dan perkembangan demokrasi di Indonesia.