International Political Economy

International Economic management and Development

International Business Management

International Relations

Experience: Related Research


Italian Raoul Follereau Association (AIFO ITALY) 2004

International Finance Corporation (IFC) 2005

Pusat Kajian Penelitian UNHAS (PKP) 2008



BA. International Relations (Hasanuddin University)

MA. International Studies Economic Management (University of Birmingham)



Keynote speaker in International Seminar SALAM 2 in Universitas Yarsi

Guest lecturer at FAJAR UNIVERSITY Makassar in 2011 (Subject: Global Political Economy)

International Security seminar at North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Brussels in 2009

International Political Economy at European Union Parliament Brussels 2009

International NGO seminar in European Parliament Brussels in 2009

Seminar UN and Diplomacy in University of Birmingham in 2009

Marketing and IP seminars in Oxford 2010

Proceedings and Books:


The Persistence of Global Poverty

Political Entrepreneurship in the Context of Leadership, Decision-Making Processes and Innovation of Ideas and Its Implementation on Indonesia’s Political Economic Development

An Analysis of Sby’s Political Imagery Campaign on Public Trust and Urgency Political Communication Based on Local Wisdom

The Political Economy of International Communication: Developing Indonesia’s Economic Competitiveness Strategies.



Introduction to Economics

Introduction to Political Economy

Introduction to Political Theories

State, Market and Society

Business and Politics

Indonesia's Politics and Global Powers