Laras Cempaka was born in 1988 at Bandung, West Java. She received her Bachelor degree (Microbiology) in 2010 and Master degree (Chemical Engineering) in 2012 from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

She worked as Lecture Assistant for a subject "Introduction to Biology" during her master study. Her research field was food fermentation. She also get involved in several students organizations, research competitions, and entrepreneurship seminars and trainings. She started her career as a lecturer in Universitas Bakrie since June 2013.

She has joined as a member of Indonesian Association of Food Technologists and Sustainable Agriculture, Food & Energy (SAFE) Network, and Indonesian Association of Food Technologists.

She achieved several awards as follows:
1. Participant (Travel Grant) at IUNS Workshop On Capacity And Leadership Development In Nutritional Sciences in Tokyo, Japan (7-9th March 2017)
2. Participant (Travel Grant) at Product Development for Enhancing Food and Nutrition Security in Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand (7-10 September 2016)
3. Grant Winner (Hibah Wirausaha Mahasiswa ITB-DIKTI) 2009: “Ferment stall: Galeri Minuman Fermentasi.”
4. Silver Medal of Pekan Ilmiah Mahasiswa Nasional XXII (DIKTI programme), Malang 2009: “Penggunaan Dedak sebagai Substrat Monascus purpureus Went. Untuk menghasilkan Senyawa Antikolesterol dan Zat Pewarna Alami Makanan.”
5. The 3rd Winner of Lomba Penelitian Inovasi Sains, Teknologi dan Seni ITB 2009
6. Finalist (The Big 10) Bioindustry Contest 2008: “Pembuatan Minuman Fermentasi Yogurt dalam Bentuk Serbuk.”

Research Article
1. Cempaka, Laras. 2015. Effect of Agitation Speed Variation In the production of β-glucan from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Jurnal Biologi Lingkungan AlKauniyah: Vol. 8 no.1. http://id.portalgaruda.org/?ref=browse&mod=viewarticle&article=437724
2. Cempaka, Laras., Aliwarga, Lienda., Purwo, Susanto., Kresnowati, M.T.A.P. 2014. Dynamics of Cocoa Bean Pulp Degradation during Cocoa Bean Fermentation: Effects of Yeast Starter Culture Addition. Journal of Mathematical and Fundamental Sciences. Vol.46. no.1. http://journals.itb.ac.id/index.php/jmfs/article/view/812
3. Cempaka, Laras., Aryantha, I Nyoman Pugeg. Effect of Glucose Concentration on the Production of β-Glucan by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. International Conference, Asian Australasian Dairy Goat Conference (AADGC).,25-27 April 2014, hal 202. http://www.aadgn.upm.edu.my/aadgn/source/file/Proceedings_ADGC_2014.pdf
4. Ramadhan, Kurnia., Astuti, Rizki Maryam., Cempaka, Laras., David, Wahyudi. 2014. Consumer acceptability of cooked rice-analogous prepared with different cooking recipes. International Conference, Food For A Quality Life, 15-16 Oktober 2014.

Research Interest:

Food fermentation


Email: laras.cempaka[at]bakrie.ac.id

 Phone: +62-21-526-1448 (ext. 376)