Nurul Asiah graduated as a Bachelor's degree (Chemical Engineering) in 2012. Then, she got a scholarship from The Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education for a Master's degree program (Chemical Engineering) in 2013-2015 from the same campus, Diponegoro University.

During those periods, she also worked as Research Assistant and Lecturer Assistant (Process Integration and Energy Efficiency) at Diponegoro University. She started working as a lecturer in Food Science and Technology Department, Universitas Bakrie since February 2016. She got several research grants and community development grant. In 2018, Nurul also had an opportunity for Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Short Course at the University of Nottingham (United Kingdom). She also actively participated in several workshops.

Her research interests are food process engineering, food quality, mass and heat transfer mechanisms. She has published several books, research posters, scientific papers in international conferences and journals. In 2017, she won 3rd place in a national scientific writing competition held by International Research & Development for Human Beings. In 2018, she also received the best research poster award from the National Nuclear Energy Agency. She is an active member of professional associations such as Indonesian Association of Food Technologists (IAFT) and Indonesian Society of Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (ISFFN).

Research interest
Food processing technology and energy efficiency

Seminar and Publication

Mohamad Djaeni, Aji Prasetyaningrum and Nurul Asiah. 2012. The Drying Kinetic Of Foam Mat Drying Combined With Using Air Dehumidified for Carrageenan Drying. THE 1ST INTERNATIONAL, 2TH NATIONAL STUDENT CONFERENCE

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DOI: 10.14710/reaktor.14.3.173-178

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April 2015 SILVER AWARD IIDEX (Invention, Innovation & Design Exposition) 2015 UNIVERSITI Teknologi MARA - Malaysia

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