Rizki Maryam Astuti was born in 1985 at Bandung, West Java. She obtained her Bachelor degree (Chemistry) in 2007 from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. She obtained Master degree in 2012 from Bogor Agricultural University. Rizki began her career as lecturer in Universitas Bakrie since September 2012. She was assigned as lecture assistant in the same university, taught in organic chemistry laboratory class, and involved in research on essential oil topic.

She has published several scientific papers in national and international journals. She has joined as a member of Indonesian Association of Food Technologists and Sustainable Agriculture, Food & Energy (SAFE) Network, and Indonesian Association of Food Technologists.

Research Interests

Food allergen and functional foods


Astuti, RM., Palupi, NS., Zakaria, FR. 2016. Allergic reactivity of bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea) proteins. Food and Agricultural Immunology 27(4):535-546.

Ramadhan, K., Astuti, RM., Cempaka, L., David, W. 2014. Consumer acceptability of cooked rice-analogous prepared with different cooking recipes. International Conference, Food For A Quality Life, 15-16 Oktober 2014.

Asep Kadarohman, Hernani, Ijang Rohman, Ririn Kusrini, Rizki Maryam Astuti. 2012. Combustion Characteristics of Diesel Fuel on One Cylinder Diesel Engine Using Clove Oil, Eugenol, and Eugenyl Acetate as Fuel Bio-additives. Fuel Journal 98, 73-79. Link: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0016236112002463

Asep Kadarohman, Hernani, Fitri Khoerunisa, Rizki Maryam Astuti. 2010. A potential study on clove oil, eugenol and eugenyl acetate as diesel fuel bio-additives and their performance on one cylinder engine. Transport Journal 25, 66-76. Link: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.3846/transport.2010.09?journalCode=tran20#.UcfSPTtHLDY

Asep Kadarohman, Gebi Dwiyanti, M. Muchalal, Rizki Maryam Astuti. 2008. Study of reaction pathway and kinetic of estragole isomerization to cis-anethole and trans-anethole. Jurnal Berkala Ilmiah UGM 18 (1), 51-55.

Asep Kadarohman, Hernani, Fitri Khoerunisa, Rizki Maryam Astuti. 2008. Potency of Clove Oil and Turpentine Oil as a Diesel Fuel Bioadditive and Their Performance on One Cylinder Engine. Proceeding of International Seminar on Chemistry, UNPAD Bandung



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Email: rizki.astuti[at]bakrie.ac.id

 Phone: +62-21-526-1448 (ext. 377)