"... Untuk bisa mandiri orang harus bisa bekerja keras dan memiliki ilmu pengetahuan." (H. Achmad Bakrie)


Produce graduates with an entrepreneurial spirit and equipped with relevant technology innovative and professional

Ilmu Politik

An innovative approach to understanding political dynamics and the impact on various sectors responds to challenging policy issues at the local and global levels.


Analyze concepts and theories for business management by formulating an approach whose solutions are first-line in the company or profession

Ilmu Komunikasi

The communication process will always be needed in various social activities, particularly in the digital era.

Sistem Informasi

Mastery of scientific and information system-based applications with the support of a curriculum that is aligned with the development of ICT


Solving problems related to information processing in various configurations using relevant applications

Teknik Industri

Industrial Engineering can be widely applied in various industries: manufacturing and services in an increasingly competitive business world.

Teknik Sipil

Produce infrastructure and facilities using applicable standards with environmentally friendly-based technology.

Teknik Lingkungan

Seeks to solve environmental problems on land, sea and air through a technological approach.

Ilmu dan Teknologi Pangan

Food science and technology continues to strengthen the national and global food industry development.

Magister Manajemen

MM UBakrie is expected to produce innovative business people and top management with a strong sense of global perspective

Magister Komunikasi

Designed to accelerate the demands of theoretical and practical skills in the field of communication for professionals
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Pusat Inovasi dan Inkubator Bisnis

Digital Marketing

Membahasa mengenai digital marketing for retail dan corporate, program ini ditujukan untuk semua orang yang memiliki usaha di bidang retail dan korporasi

Leadership Training

Kepemimpinan merupakan satu hal yang sangat penting dalam sebuah organisasi, maka kepemimpinan adalah hal penting yang wajib dicapai oleh seseorang.

Design and Innovation Training

Design of Thinking adalah sebuah design human problem solving dimana orang orang yang terlibat dalam proses bisnis tersebut memberikan solusi yang efektif

Lembaga Penelitian
dan Pengembangan

LPP Universitas Bakrie manages research activities conducted by scholars in various fields based on their expertise.
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Lembaga Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat

LPkM is a part of interaction between members of the academic community, government, business industry, and society.
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Pusat Studi

Committed to developing the geopark concept as a forum for studies, academic research, and innovation
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Berita Universitas Bakrie

Jelajahi Berita Terbaru di Universitas Bakrie

Universitas Bakrie Explains

Universitas Bakrie produces graduates with entrepreneurial spirit and creative innovators without borders to become a leader in the national and international industry.

Kelompok Usaha Bakrie

Kolaborasi Industri
Universitas Bakrie is supported by 250 companies of the Bakrie Business Group from various industries, including coal, mining, oil and gas, agribusiness, property, infrastructure, media, and entertainment. Students in Universitas Bakrie have a greater opportunity to experience internships and career paths in the Bakrie Business Group.
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Kelompok Usaha Bakrie





Media and Entertaiment
Oil and Gas



Aktivitas Mahasiswa

Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa is an instrument to develop student interests and talents in sports, arts, culture, language, and religious activities.

Kegiatan Kampus

Universitas Bakrie is located strategically in the golden triangle of Kuningan Jakarta, integrated with the most excellent public facilities to support the learning process optimally.