The Civil Engineering Student Association is a student organization that was founded on June 26 2013 in Jakarta.

HMTS UB is an organization that operates in the professional and scientific field of Civil Engineering itself. This organization aims to improve the quality and creativity of each of its members. Academics are the main factor in education, but without soft skills, these academic abilities cannot be used properly. Therefore, HMTS-UB is present as a forum for accommodating aspirations and developing soft skills to create superior students, both academic and non-academic.


Improving the achievements of the Civil Engineering Association with human resources with character, reliability and resilience based on science and technology and making HMTS a forum for aspirations to create a Professional Association that is Solid, Synergistic and has Integrity.


  1.  To build sense of responsibility among members in order to create professionalism).
  2. To become a place for activity and aspiration , interest, mind exchange and talents in Civil Engineering with the basis of kinship and unity).
  3. To advance and support the development of Civil Engineering in academic and outside academic with the steps of integrity and consistency.


Twitter : @HMTS_UB
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acebook: HMTI UB